My name is Gary Stanley. I am the author of the book titled “The Little Things...Successful Deer Hunting Made Easy.” Nowadays people call me ONESHOT. Not because I’m a perfect shot while hunting, but more because of the principle I live by. We get ONESHOT at this life and I feel each one of us should live life to the fullest chasing our dreams, goals, and passions. The Gifts, talents, and Blessings were given to us for a reason and I know God put us on earth with jobs to do, roles to play, and dreams to bring alive. Hence, our ONESHOT.


    I grew up in a very rural area...Harrisonville, Ohio. This little town is in Southeast Ohio and had a population of maybe 150 people at the time. With few people and little to do, there wasn't much going on besides farm work and hunting. I didn't mind to work, but would rather be hunting!  Hunting is in my heart and sole; I find a peace while hunting that I have nowhere else. There's also a lot to be learned about oneself and about life while hunting. It can be challenging, inspiring, educating, humbling, and often times rewarding!

     Regardless the outcome, being an outdoorsman and a hunter is my way of life. When I was 4 or 5 years old, I was introduced to the outdoors and hunting by my Father. But, shortly after getting me into hunting, my Dad’s time was became limited. He wasn’t around much. Dad worked grueling hours at a local coal fired power plant trying to support myself, my three brothers, and my Mom. Thus, I grew up through the school of hard knocks, learn as you go style of hunting. My Dad and Mom both helped teach me things about hunting and the outdoors, but for the most part I was on my own. The days and years afield were fun and often times unsuccessful. I learned a lot though and a passion was born...the passion for hunting. This difficult process also created an independence in me and a confidence like no other. I learned how to be self-reliant and figure things out. I didn’t always have that guiding hand. It’s not something I regret though. It’s something I have learned to cherish. Now each time I go afield I can reflect back on the love and guidance my parents raised me with. The things they did teach me are now priceless and are in part of who I am every day.


     I was in my childhood years when Bill Jordon and “Team Realtree” began their television program. I envied that show and wanted to live a life full of hunting and the outdoors just as those men were doing. That’s when my passion for filming hunting adventures was born. As I was growing into a young adult, I wrote letters to Will Primos, Bill Jordan, and HS Specialties begging for an opportunity to be a part their respective Pro-Staff teams. That didn't work though. In reality, I didn't have a chance at becoming part of their teams. I understood why. I knew I had much work to do, time to invest and things to learn. So I did things one step at a time. I put hours upon hours into hunting and learning what it takes to be successful. I put in the money it took to buy quality hunting equipment which I knew I could rely on. I also put money into video equipment and the time it took to learn, to develop the skills needed to be successful. I did all of this one step at a time. I did this from the bottom up in hopes and dreams that maybe one day I could live my life in the outdoors.  


     Today, hunting is my life; it’s what I live for and it’s what drives my existence. Because of this, I decided to start self-filming all my hunting adventures and began diligently trying to create a life and career in the hunting industry. That’s why I founded "ONESHOT Outdoors." ONESHOT Outdoors is me, my business, my hunting stories, my life, and my filmed hunts presented just as they happened, but “ONESHOT” is bigger than me-Gary Stanley, the products I use, or the animals I hunt. ONESHOT is about having faith, believing in fate, and going after life. You may only get ONESHOT to fulfill your dreams in life and you only have one life to live!!! I feel that each person has a dream, a goal, or passion put in their heart. This fulfills them, makes them happy...that “something” may be the ONESHOT to live a life of happiness and it’s something which should be pursued. For myself, my ONESHOT is creating and living a lifestyle of hunting and enjoying the outdoors. That is what fills my heart, it is what makes me happy, and I feel it’s my “calling” in life. I feel called upon and it my duty to inspire and motivate each one of my fans and viewers to pursue their respective ONESHOT in life. What is your ONESHOT? What makes you happy?? What is your “calling”???  What is your dream???? What burns inside your soul????? Maybe your dream, passion, or calling is not in the outdoor lifestyle. That is okay. The more important thing is that you recognize what your heart and soul is consumed by, follow through with your dream, and make a life of happiness. Your ONESHOT may only come by once in your lifetime. Find it, figure it out and dream big, set goals, work hard, strive to be better than you were, but have faith, believe in fate and you can get there! The first step is to say ""I can do this. This is my ONESHOT to make it happen. Anything in this life is possible!""  


     Still, I cannot help, but wonder why people follow myself and ONESHOT. I’ve often been told that my cause, an inspirational and motivational message, is great enough to garner support from those who can see and feel the genuine sincerity of my motive. You know, anyone can travel the world and harvest trophy animals given the ideal circumstances. The message of ONESHOT is bigger though. It’s bigger than any product on the market or any place on earth.  People follow the ONESHOT productions and the ONESHOT Scholarship because they see its not about me or my bragging rights for the places I go and animals I’ve harvested. I’m about encouraging others to follow their passions and their heart. People see I want to give back to society instead of take. That’s probably why I have the following, the fans, and the support I do right now. It's also why more and more people will follow as ONESHOT the brand grows.


     It's taken me several years to get to this point, but I have built a solid foundation.  The foundation of ONESHOT has been built around the message of taking advantage of the life we have. Pursuing dreams, passions, or whatever burns inside a person is what it’s about. These dreams may be hunting related or they may not. To me, it’s irrelevant. In the end, I want an audience of millions of viewers so I can say, convey, and advise each viewer to NOT sit back and say"I can't do it, I'll never make it"...I want my viewers to see me, my story, hear my message and build the courage to take advantage of their ONESHOT in life...regardless what it is. If I can come from the bottom to the top, then you can too!  It's time to get society thinking differently. It's time to activate your ONESHOT!


     Please come with me, follow along with my ONESHOT journey and the ONESHOT Scholarship via Facebook and Instagram. Thank you!  



~ Gary Stanley ~