The ONESHOT Scholarship has been created to inspire and motivate society to recognize that each one of us has a divine purpose here on earth. The Gifts, talents, and Blessings we have for a reason. Any dream, goal, or passion is achievable through hard work, determination, and Faith.


    The “ONESHOT Scholarship” is “The SCHOLARSHIP for Everyone.” With NO minimum GPA (grade point average) requirements, nor any other typical stipulations, graduating High School Seniors, current college students, and even non-traditional students may apply. This program crosses all barriers. Offered in all 50 states, the “ONESHOT Scholarship” will soon touch millions of people seeking furthering education. Founded in 2014, the “ONESHOT Scholarship” has already awarded and inspired 7 individuals to pursue their dreams. Three awards were presented in 2014 and four in 2015. The goal is to award 13 ONESHOT Scholarships each year with a minimum award of $500 each and the respective recipient’s dream, goal, or passion to be featured on my future television show ONESHOT TV. Successful ONESHOT Scholarship winners are encouraged to reapply each year as this is an annual award. 

 The ONESHOT Scholarship is here to stay!


   Okay, so why did I initiate the ONESHOT Scholarship? The ONESHOT Scholarship program was developed to help get kids, young adults, and even non-traditional students to go to college, to go to a technical training school/program, or to get other furthering education which will ultimately help these people chase their dreams, full fill their goals, and follow their passions. Who doesn't need a little extra financial help from time to time? I know I did when I was in college!  So the ONESHOT Scholarship literally is "The SCHOLARSHIP for Everyone." What do I mean by that? Well, there are certain requirements, but those requirements are more about completing the entire scholarship application in its entirety and paying attention to detail. This is "The SCHOLARSHIP for Everyone" because there is NOT a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) required. Why is there not a minimum GPA??? I feel there are many things other than academics, which can affect a students GPA. A students’ social environment, family, work demand, support system, and so many other factors can positively or negatively affect the performance of High School Seniors, not to mention requiring a GPA would eliminate nontraditional students from applying for the scholarship. What I want to see from applicants of the ONESHOT Scholarship is how determined they are, how committed they are, what goals do they have, how do they view life, and how they intend to impact society.


      A students GPA does not always correlate to the attributes just mentioned. Let me give you an example. I successfully achieved a Bachelors of Science degree with a Major in Psychology and Minor in Sociology. While attending college, my GPA for psychology classes was 3.75. My overall GPA was down near 3.0. Why such a difference? Honestly... there was a noticeable difference in my GPA because when I cared and applied myself I could get really good grades, perfect writing assignments, research projects, and etc, but when I wasn't interested in a particular subject I didn't put forth the effort I should have. Yes, that is not the best way to approach education and my overall GPA suffered because of it. However, when I have a goal in sight and it's something I love, I will go to great lengths to reach that goal, full fill the dream and demand more out of myself than ever before. The same thing applies with the ONESHOT Scholarship applicants.


     I know there are others who approach education the same as I did. No one is perfect and I don't expect anyone to be. So let's NOT focus on a GPA; instead, let's focus on getting ONESHOT Scholarship applicants on their feet and chasing their dreams.  What I do expect, however, is to inspire each of you reading this. I want each of you to look yourself in the mirror and ask "what are my dreams, what are my goals, what am I passionate about?' and begin taking steps in the direction of the answers to your own questions. This is your ONESHOT at life. Get up and go live it!!!



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ONESHOT SCHOLARSHIP Awards by the year:


2014- 3

2015- 4

2016- 5

2017- 4 

2018- 10 

View the Winners here!

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