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January 5, 2017

     For those of you who didn't know I wrote a book or what the book is even about, I wanted to share the introduction with you and see if it captures enough of your attention to make you want to read more. I sure hope it does. I want to share the knowledge I've obtained through 30 years of hunting. I've made plenty of mistakes, BUT I've learned from them and want to share with you so you do NOT make the same mistakes I did. I have also learned plenty of tricks and developed concepts few think of while going afield. Read this introduction and hopefully you'll grab a copy of my book ("The LITTLE THINGS...Successful Deer Hunting Made Easy.") available on amazon.com and here on my "SHOP" page.  Thanks so much......  When I copied the intro over into this format it got really messed up. I think I fixed everything. Let me know. Here's the introduction.


     Every journey in life has a history—a past, a trail of events which shapes the future. For myself, this jou...

March 28, 2016


ONESHOT TV: Self-filming Tip #1


     The sport of hunting is becoming more and more dynamic each year. With all the innovative technology and new gear being developed, hunting has reached the forefront of the most sought after outdoor lifestyles. One of the latest attractions is that of self-filming hunting adventures.

     Filming or videoing a hunting adventure is nothing new. Actually, filming wild animals and the sport of hunting has been going on for many decades. The new fad of “self-filming,” however, is becoming more popular as each season passes. Hunters have learned the value of having a camera record every shot taken. There are many reasons hunters desire to have camera gear accompany them into the forest. Hence, I will be blogging in the coming weeks about some of the top self-filming tips.  


     Self-filming your own hunt is one of the most challenging yet rewarding tasks any hunter can face, but the “Self-filming Tip #1” is a simple one...

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