2018 ONESHOT Scholarship Winners

“My name is Sierra Cleland and I am a second year recipient of the ONESHOT Scholarship. I am attending Marshall University where I am studying chemistry on a pharmacy track. I will apply to pharmacy school at Marshall University before the end of 2018. With the help of Gary and the ONESHOT Scholarship I am able to attend school without worrying about the cost. Thank you Gary & ONESHOT for giving me the opportunity to study what I love, where I love.”

My name is Bethanie Hudson and I am from Globe, Arizona. I currently attend Southern Virginia University as business major and as a member of the women’s fastpitch softball team. It has been a dream of mine to be a collegiate athlete and the ONESHOT scholarship has helped make it possible. I love this ONESHOT scholarship program because it is based off of so much more than grades. I encourage everyone to make the most of this life and do what you love. After all, we get ONESHOT to chase our dreams.

Hello, my name is Rachel Kesterson and I am a 2018 graduate of Meigs High School in Pomeroy, Ohio. This fall I will be attending Wilmington College where I will be studying for my Master’s Degree in Athletic Training. After graduation I plan to attend Medical School where I will get my doctorate degree in Sports Medicine. 
I am very grateful for Gary Stanley and the ONESHOT Scholarship because they are allowing me to continue to aspire to reach my goals of one day becoming a Sports Medicine Doctor, and honeslty speaking, if it wasn't for this scholarship I may not be attending the school that I fell in love with the first time that I stepped on campus! 
When I learned about this scholarship I was estatic because for once there was someone who cared more about academics and wanted to give everyone the chance to apply. They really care about you and want to know what you are going to do with your ONESHOT in life and they really want to help you to achieve your goals! 

Thank you so much ONESHOT Scholarship and Gary Stanley for awarding this to me, I greatly appreciate it! 

My name is Ashlee Bachman and I am a 2018 ONESHOT Scholarship recipient. I will graduate from Lewiston High School in Idaho this June. I plan to further my education at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston Idaho this coming fall and double major in communication as well as family and adolescent counseling. I plan to further my career in public speaking and travel the world as a motivational speaker, focusing on self-esteem improvement. I heard of the ONESHOT scholarship on Myscholly and quickly applied. I believe in the message that Gary Stanley and the ONESHOT scholarship program is trying to express, thanks to it my dreams are closer to becoming a reality.

Hi! My name is Alli Walker. I’m from Ashland, KY and I am currently studying Sociology at Brigham Young University-Idaho. After graduation, I plan on continuing my education by going on to graduate school to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My ultimate goal is to work with people struggling with mental illness.


                The ONESHOT Scholarship 

is truly a bigger blessing than words can convey. My family has recently had to endure some pretty severe trials which meant that if I wanted to see my dreams come to fruition, I would have to be the one to make them happen financially. This scholarship gave me a chance to tell my story and share my passion. 

                It is an honor to be a recipient of such an amazing scholarship. If you have a dream, and you want to make it happen, apply! ONESHOT is all about giving that chance to those who want it bad enough.

Thank you, ONESHOT

for being part of my journey!

"Hello! My name is Emily Merrill, and I received a ONESHOT scholarship.  I am a homeschool student at the Christian Educational Consortium Co-op in Louisville, KY, and I plan to attend college in the fall as a pre-health student minoring in Spanish.  I have always been drawn to medicine and healthcare, and I am chasing after my passion to become a primary care provider.    

The ONESHOT scholarship has truly been a blessing to my family and me.  I am trying to graduate debt free because of the future schooling costs to becoming either an NP, PA, or physician.  This scholarship is helping me achieve that goal.

I encourage everyone to apply for this scholarship.  Gary Stanley has created a wonderful opportunity to impact students during their educational journey, no matter where you are coming from or where you are headed in life.  This really is a scholarship for anyone!  Thank you, Gary, for your positive influence and dedication to this scholarship and the next generation of students." 

My name is Blaine Phillips and I’m from Albion Idaho. I am currently attending Southern Virginia University as a student and an athlete. I am studying Business Management and leadership and I am a Variety Wrestler at the 149 lbs weight class. I am so thankful to Gary Stanley and the ONESHOT Scholarship program for giving me the chance to go out and chase my dreams. I can honestly say I have stumbled and fallen a few times along my academic journey and because of that, other scholarships wouldn’t give me the time of day. I am thankful that the ONESHOT scholarship is able to look at my individual successes outside of academics and not my GPA. The ONESHOT Scholarship is truly the scholarship for everyone.

My name is Emilie Miller, I am a student at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. I am a junior Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations and Advertising and I also have a minor in Marketing, Sports Media, Social Media, and Speech Communication. I am in many organizations on campus and I also am a student worker in the Admissions Office and Student Success Center. In my future, I hope to someday work in higher education or in the non-profit field planning fundraising events.


I am beyond blessed to have been chosen as one of the ONESHOT Scholarship recipients. The ONESHOT program is so much more than just a scholarship. It’s a lifestyle about pursing your dreams, whatever they may be, and no matter where you came from because you only have ONESHOT to do. It has inspired me to keep pursuing my dream no matter what. Thank you ONESHOT for this incredible opportunity and the inspiration to keep striving for greatness.

     Hello! My name is Jackson Fowler. I am currently a senior at Timber Creek High School in Fort Worth, Texas. I am incredibly grateful to have been selected as a recipient of the ONESHOT Scholarship Program by Gary Stanley.

     I plan to attend Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida in the fall and major in film production with a concentration in either cinematography or sound engineering. I have been interested in film since 8th grade. I have filmed weddings, musical promotions, football games, etc. and I have even started my own video business that has done very well.

     This ONESHOT Scholarship will definitely help me financially and I am very thankful that Gary Stanley rewards kids who are trying to make a difference in this world and doesn’t focus solely on grades. Thank you, Gary Stanley and the ONESHOT Program, for making the investment in me. I know I will make you proud!

     Hello my name is Cheyenne Gawreluk. I am a senior at South Summit High School in the beautiful city of Kamas, Utah. I’ve been so blessed to have been chosen by Mr. Gary Stanley for the OneShot scholarship! I look forward to my wonderful future.

     I have personally chosen Large Animal Veterinary Medicine as my career field. I plan on focusing on Neuromuscular dentistry and Equine Ophthalmology. While I begin schooling, I will also continue with my passion as an armature horse trainer, along with competing in Reining Cow Horse competitions. Along with ensuring a couple hunting trips throughout the way!

     Mr. Stanley and the OneShot program, is giving kids with big dreams a fighting chance in this world. To me that is what the OneShot Scholarship means! I will hopefully make you all proud in the future!

Thank you